Transit Café - Where Destiny is Dish of the Day
A 10 min play
2 females, 1 male

Three strangers find themselves caught up in a parallel universe loop and are destined to remain stuck forever - unless someone figures out the escape route, but there’s an unexpected twist in the cosmic design of things…

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life in space  

Life In Space
1 hour and 30 minutes running time
5 females, 5 males and optional extras

It is 1970s outback Australia and the unceremonious arrival of Joel, a young Yorkshire lad raises more than an eyebrow amongst the locals of Bolden Creek.

It is getting close to Alien day, a big deal for the residents, during which people flock from miles away to celebrate the alleged UFO activities in the area. Mutual feelings are developing between Joel and local girl Cath however; Joel appears to ruin his chances when he has an encounter of the close kind with the earthy Nadine. This has explosive consequences on Alien Day, driving a shamed Joel out of town.

Will Cath now get together with Damo, a likeable but crazy car mechanic who earnestly believes that the aliens are coming for him? Will Joel have the courage to stop Cath from making an astronomical mistake? Many things have shaken out of the tree in Joel’s absence and all is not as it seems. There are some huge shocks in store for everyone, and it appears there are stranger secrets on earth than in space by gum…

"For me, 'LIFE IN SPACE' is a romp in the Australian outback that personifies the great mix of people who live in that great country. The U.F.O. interest is just one of the structural pins that tie this funny, fascinating piece together. The love interest of Joel and Nadine, and later Joel and Cathy together with the amusing presentation ensure an absorbing theatrical experience.

As the play unfolds, we realise there are revelations that complete the roller coaster ride of emotions that the play invokes! I feel sure the audience that share this absorbing experience will leave the theatre in a very happy state of mind!”

Norman Reynolds
Production Designer – BAFTA and twice Academy Award Winner

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